Highway 1 Petition Update

January 19th, 2013
Go Petition Update
The pressure on the local CalTrans leadership and increasing efforts to raise awareness
of the Hwy 1 problem are continuing. Last week was the SLOCOG meeting and this
week we went to the North Coast Advisory Committee meeting where we were able to
address questions and comments to CalTrans District 5 officials. Earlier in the week
CalTrans issued a press release declaring that they had entered into an arrangement
with UC Davis to study the “rough” pavement issue.
At the NCAC meeting this week CalTrans officials stated that the chipseal
job had been to spec and it turned out as they expected. They acknowledged that the
surface is rough for cyclists, but safe. They heard many comments challenging this
perspective during a robust comment period that lasted for about 45 minutes to an hour.
As a result, CalTrans heard loudly and clearly what the issues are for both cyclists and
Bruce Gibson, District 5 Supervisor of SLO County who represents us, was
there and will track progress with CalTrans. He is very supportive of what we are doing.
Several of the Rollers went to the Cambria Tourism Board the next night to inform the
group of potential impacts to the tourism economy. Outreach to other groups like this is
continuing and It is hoped these outside groups of the Rollers will join us in our effort to
get the Hwy 1 debacle corrected. We have already gotten a strong letter of support
from the Cambria Chamber of Commerce.
Watch for additional developments as we reach out to other Hwy 1 users to inform them
of the issues and solicit their participation. We have set up a separate website for this
issue that will be updated periodically as well (http://www.fixhwy1.com/).
Again thank you for your continued support!!
 Slabtown Rollers
 See photos below from the NCAC Meeting (Mike Evans Contributor)

Petition_1a petition_1b petition_1c petition_1d petition_1e petition_1f petition_1g petition_1h petition_1i petition_1j

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One Response to Highway 1 Petition Update

  1. Mike Frost says:

    If the surface is to spec why have they deemed it necessary to repave portions near and north of Ragged Point? There are already bald spots in the chip seal between the repaved areas and this only 3-4 months after the chip sealing.

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